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DON'T LIVE A FAKE LIFE titahot blast the northern upcoming artist

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IMG-20180122-WA0007DON'T LIVE A FAKE LIFE titahot blast the northern upcoming artist

In the world of humans, the question "who you are" is always asked and that makes it important for one to know who he  is (financially, academically, socially and professionally) and act by it always. We all differ in status and I know that "I am nobody but a pencil in the hand of the creator" and to anyone on earth, I am by name Abdulrahman Teslim with stage sobriquet #Titahot a.k.a. #ArewaGeneral.

It is not uncommon to notice  controversial issues between and among artists, producers and any entertainment industry in general. Some people believe that the only way to shine and remain relevant in the industry is to live a flamboyant life or better still, claim what they possess not. The scene just surfaced again in the northern part of Nigeria where some artists claim to have the entire world at their finger tips palms whereas they have no significant possession nor achievement.

Some of these unscrupulous elements went as far as claiming to have studied abroad probably to entice ladies or to outshine their colleagues in the industry. Lies cannot long be hidden and no brand name suits anything bad except bad. Be good, modest and honest in your pursuit for fame.

Faking your identity and status will do you more harm than good; quote me anywhere. This is because you will need hundreds of lies to defend a lie and the consequences of exposed lies are always better imagined than experienced; too grievous.

I have experience such that the artist never knew I have much details about him and he started lying at Farm Center that he spent  millions of naira on music, that which even the  Hausa hip hop Ambassador will not say. If really you have that amount, why are you still in Kano or use that money to establish a business that will bring more gain.

Once again, know who you are and be truthful about your identity, status and possessions. I am Titahot.


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