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Ticklips Feat. Kuzy Brown – Still Dey

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kuzy brownTicklips has been through a lot. Despite it all, the Nigerian rapper has held on dearly to his artistic integrity, and now that he’s in a good place mentally and back to focusing on music, he’s sounding better than ever. In 2018, Ticklips is the coolest version of himself, and his energy is contagious.

His talent is underrated and immeasurable. Nigeria has not even scratched the surface of it. He recently put out an instrumental with his vocals attached to it, with intent to find a worthy verse from an up and coming artist. Well, he found one amidst a alot of them who recorded and sent in their versions.

Kuzy Brown took the free verse on “Still Dey“, and it sounds great. This combo makes perfect sense in retrospect, but thus far, Ticklip who happens to be a veteran at what he does and Kuzy Brown have occupied different corners of the pop spectrum. Ticklips does his thing on the song’s first half, but his smartest decision was leaving the rest to Kuzy Brown. The song “Still Dey” is incredible, the hook is immortal, and even Ticklip‘s ad-libs are the stuff of genius.

Ticklips is one of the most captivating figures to burst out of Port Harcourt in some time, and “Still Dey” only affirms his unique gifts as a songwriter and vocalist. Feels great to see how Ticklips is trying new things with new people, and it sounds absolutely excellent.


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